Web credits

The Dream Team Behind This Website

Hey, you made it to the credits! High five! 🙌

● The Builders: This digital wonderland you're navigating? It was built by the whiz kids at Vendredi Society.

● Motion Maestro: François Cauderlier is the guy who made all the moving bits, well, move!

● Creative Wizard: Thomas Lacroix didn't just write code; he wrote poetry in JavaScript.

● Visual Guru: Nicolas Bonté made sure everything you see is easy on the eyes.

● Words: Julie Barthélemy penned all those catchy phrases you're reading.

● Shutter Sorceress: Claire Dorn captured our essence without a spell, just her lens - every pic you see is a piece of her photogenic wizardry.

● The Brainiacs: The creative direction was steered by the dynamic duo, Raffael Velluti and Eva Dussourd.

● Branding Boss: Nicolas Paack is the genius who made our brand pop.

● Back-End Virtuoso: Leia Casteigbou is the reason why everything works when you click stuff.

● Sonic Craftsman: Huh... Oh? That's me! Loïc Bénart – I made sure your ears enjoy this digital journey as much as your eyes do.